- “No Run Zone”
The area beginning two (2) yards from the end zone will now be deemed the “No Run Zone”. In this zone, the offense may only advance the ball by completing a forward pass that travels across the line of scrimmage. No handoffs, laterals, tosses, pitches, or QB runs -- even if the pass rusher crosses the line of scrimmage. We will set a cone at this mark to clearly signify its placement. This will also be the spot for one (1) point conversions. There will be an additional cone at five (5) yards that will mark the two (2) point conversion and starting place for offensive drives to start the game, half, and after scoring drives by your opponent.

Penalty- Illegal Rush: 5 yards, loss of down and does not count towards the female play.

Reason: There is simply too much congestion to safely execute running plays that close to the goal line. We hope that this rule will eliminate hard contact plays that we have seen occur more and more often in recent seasons.

- “Unnecessary Roughness” 
Unnecessary Roughness will now incur a personal foul penalty regardless of intent. If the referee deems a play to be unnecessarily rough, it’s going to be called a penalty no matter which way you slice it. These penalties are at the referees’ discretion but may include unnecessarily creating contact to the opponent’s head or neck, or knocking your opponent to the ground on any given play -- regardless of intent. The aggressor will be penalized in these instances.

Penalty- Unnecessary Roughness: 15 yards from the spot of the foul or half the distance to the goal, depending on where the foul took place and a 1st down if against the defense. Infractions incurred in the end zone will result in the ball being spotted at the one (1) yard line. If it occurs during a scoring play, it will carry forward to the conversion (if during a touchdown) or the next regular offensive play, at the offended team’s choice. Upon receiving your 2nd personal foul in the same game, you will be automatically ejected.

Reason: In recent seasons, we’ve seen a spike in hard contact that has resulted in a higher likelihood of injury to our fellow players. We’ve got to work together to control ourselves no matter how badly we want to win. As we have always said, everyone deserves to go to work on Monday.

- Roughing the Passer
Fouls for running into the passer or into the passer’s follow-through will not be considered personal fouls unless they are egregious enough to fall under the aspects for unnecessary roughness. As such, such fouls will not count against the potential ejection of a player unless the foul is clearly stated to be an unnecessary roughness foul.

Penalty- Roughing the Passer: 10 yards from the previous spot if incomplete, or from the end of the play if complete. Automatic first down.

Reason: While we believe contact fouls to the passer are serious fouls, they often are not egregious enough to be 15-yard fouls and a pathway to ejection. This approach provides a balance so that referees may still determine the foul to be unnecessary roughness in certain circumstances, but it will encourage referees to call Roughing the Passer more often because of a slightly more reasonable penalty attached to more routine (but still illegal) contact.

- Intentional Encroachment
Intentional Encroachment will now incur a ten (10) yard penalty when you notify the head ref that you are taking the penalty. If you fail to notify the head ref (and head ref only) ahead of time, It is still a ten (10) yard penalty and the offense may run a play, taking the result of whichever is a greater gain.

Penalty- Encroachment: Ten (10) yards from the previous spot.

Reason: Committing the penalty to make your opponent go for a long 1st down has been occurring at an increasing rate, to the point where it is now considered almost automatic for the defense to take the penalty. We’re seeking to make it less worthwhile for the defense to take this penalty, thus allowing for more “pure football” to happen. Ultimately, we want to minimize the number of situations in which it is smart to take a penalty intentionally.

- Ten (10) Second Max Runoff On Extra Points
From now on, extra points in the last two (2) minutes of a game that has invoked two (2) minute timing rules because it is within sixteen (16) points will be untimed downs. We will use full NFL two (2) minute warning rules.

Penalty: N/A

Reason: We want every team to have every possible chance in a close game.

- Referee Treatment/Safety 
Our refs have to be able to leave the field without being berated or threatened, plain and simple. Doesn’t matter what the game-ending play/call is or how correct or incorrect it may have been. The correct course of action is to bring any grievance to the attention of the Commissioner or another staff member. Anyone verbally or physically assaulting a referee will receive a (minimum) automatic one (1) game suspension for the next league game.

Penalty: Minimum one (1) game suspension

Reason: Referees are a vital part of our community and verbal abuse has, and will continue to, drive competent referees away from our league. Many of you are aware that a two game suspension was handed out following the championship game this past season to one participant. The last thing we want to do is suspend our own players, but we feel that notifying everyone of a harsher stance on this issue will only help maintain a positive relationship between players and referees in future.

- Player Discipline 
Traditionally, it has been the Commissioner’s policy not to publicly disclose the identities of those subject to player discipline. That is now over. Any player ejected or suspended from this day forward will have their name and infraction posted on the league website for everyone to see for all of time. Don’t get on this list, people.

Penalty: Public shame until the end of time.