-Prior to the beginning of each season, team captains must populate their rosters with names and shirt numbers for each rostered player, up to 15 players. That roster will be considered a team's "Official Roster."

-Each week on Thursday afternoon at 4pm, the Commissioner will print each team's roster for their upcoming game that weekend. This applies to all leagues (Sunday Elite: HW, Sunday Elite: BW, FNL, and MNF). This is to provide the Commissioner enough time to make rulings on any requested exceptions to the below roster rules prior to game times over the weekend. The roster printed at 4pm on Thursday afternoon will represent the team's "Gameday Roster." The Gameday Roster reverts into the team's Official Roster following the conclusion of their game that week.

-A team may only replace members of their Official Roster in the event of injury, paternity/maternity, bereavement, or if a player has left the team permanently. All player swaps on the official roster must be approved by the Commissioner in writing. In all cases in which a player is being replaced, the player being replaced should have their designation changed by the team captain to "inactive" on the team's page on the BMFL website prior to the Roster Deadline. However, if a team has open roster spots (ie. they have not populated their Official Roster with 15 people to begin the season) they may freely add to the roster at any time before the 4pm Thursday Roster Deadline until they have reached the fifteen player limit.

-A team may never replace or add members of their Gameday Roster without the Commissioner's written approval for the change. Any deviations from the Gameday Roster (stat sheet) at the start of a team's game will incur a six (6) point penalty for each deviation.

-A single player cannot appear on more than one roster in one league during any given season. Any player that is already rostered that appears in a game for another team within that league will incur a six (6) point player pickup penalty.

-An opposing team has until halftime to challenge a roster violation with the head ref. Once the game is over, a roster challenge is no longer valid to affect that game’s result.

-If your roster is found to be deliberately subverting the rules at any point, it will result in an automatic forfeit of that game and the accompanying stats. Your opponent will keep their stats and be awarded a 21-0 victory. This is solely up to the Commissioner.