5 on 5 League Rules

1. Game Time: Games will consist of two twenty (20) minute halves with a twenty (20) second play clock. The clock will only stop a) upon a referee’s timeout, b) a timeout by either team, or c) at the two minute warning. Teams will be given three (3) timeouts per game.

2. Players will be allowed to immediately rush the quarterback, but any player rushing the passer must begin the play at least seven (7) steps from the line of scrimmage. Any player lined up before the 7-yard rush line, will be penalized, if they cross the line of scrimmage before the designated rusher. The offense may not block, screen, or otherwise interfere with the designated pass rusher in any way whatsoever. 

3. The offensive snapper is eligible to go out for passes. 

4. Teams will have four (4) downs to score or to achieve a first down. There will be one (1) first down at midfield. Teams may opt to go for a one (1) point conversion (two steps from the goal line) or a two (2) point conversion (5 steps from the goal line). Teams will begin each drive five steps from the goal line unless the defense intercepts the ball, at which point the ball will be placed at the spot that the intercepting player's flag was pulled. There are no punts.

5. The QB cannot run at any point but may hand the ball off to a RB. There are no running plays allowed within five (5) yards of the the first down line at midfield or the goal line. Doing so will result in a loss of down penalty.

6. Hand-checking (bump and run coverage) will NOT be allowed. 

7. All other penalties shall apply as normal from the BMFL rulebook, but where any rule conflicts with one of the 6 above rules, apply the rule on this list.