Previews by Adriana “Doctor I” DeMartino

8:00PM Deflaggers (2-1) v. The Matriarchy (2-1)

Scouting Report: **Game of The Week** The Matriarchy was handed their first loss of the season last week by the Brews, while Deflaggers put up 21 points against TBD. The Matriarchy struggled to complete first downs last week and will need to find a way to limit turnovers if they want to stop the Deflaggers soaring offense. Deflaggers’ Brittany Anghel leads the league in receptions with 21 and also leads for sacks with 3, and will no doubt look to continue terrorizing teams as the season moves forward. Matriarchy’s Jamie Millward said of last week’s loss, “Tough loss to a really good team who’s been playing together for a while. Hopefully we can bounce back this week.”

8:00PM Saturdays are for the Brews (2-1) v. Intentional Pounding XX (2-2)

Scouting Report: The Brews took down previously undefeated The Matriarchy last week and opened the scoring with a beautiful pick 6 from Lindsay “Scarlet Witch” Ducey, who also scored the second TD for the Brews. Nicole Chaplin stepped in as Brews QB and bounced back after a shaky start, putting the Brews in second place after three weeks. IP’s Alexis Dejesus was a favorite target for QB Jen Tortora last week, with 6 REC and 1 TD. The Brews will need to watch out for Dejesus and IP’s Ashley Foote this week as she seems unstoppable on defense, leading the league in tackles with 16 and interceptions with 6.

8:00PM Friday Night Tights (1-1) v. TBD (0-3)

Scouting Report: FNT are coming off a bye week and looking to move above .500 in the standings against a struggling TBD squad. TBD has put up just 14 points in three games and needs to find a way to step up their offense and earn their first W. Last week TBD’s Denise Cruz had a great night on offense including a TD and Allison “That Girl” McCord played solid defense including a pick, so it will come down to which team is hungrier this week. FNT’s Cristiana Baldeschi, with unwavering confidence in her team said, “I think my whole team learned a lot from our first game. Week 2 we came in stronger, more determined, and being able to get a pick 6 that won us the game felt awesome. It’s all about the adrenaline rush you get when you catch that ball and do your best to make a play. There are so many talented female players that this really is a Badass Women’s League!”


Previews by Daring Deb

Unpredictable Match-ups: 
Marvelous After Dark (1-1) vs New Era (1-2): This game is a battle of survival! This season we have 3 conferences and ONLY the top 2 teams from each conference can make the playoffs. This game is an in-conference game so New Era and MARV are fighting for the #2 spot. There is no guarantee that the team that comes up short in this one won't make the playoffs, but it'll be an uphill battle for sure. It’s a promise that both teams will battle hard. The question is who wants it more?

Intentional Pounding (3-0) vs Gotham Rogues FNL (2-1): *GAME OF THE WEEK* Both teams has been displaying some great football chemistry on the field. Both QB’s have managed their offense really well, so it’s expected to be a high scoring affair. However, IP currently has the number one defense. If Gotham Rogues can break through IP’s defense, this game will come down to a 1-3 point win. Extra point conversions will be key!

David vs Goliath Match-ups:

Tone House (0-3) vs Playmakers (1-1): It’s predicted that Playmakers will come out on top if Tone House doesn’t start coming up with an offensive/defensive plan. TH players have all the tools to be great but some organization can take them even further. PM just need to stick to their game plan and they will dominate. If PM’s QB Patrick Jaraique takes more risks down the field, he might regret that decision because FNL fans have seen the serious speed, strength, and length of TH players.

We Never Punt (0-3) vs The Brady Bunch (1-1): Brady Bunch is feeling fantastic coming off of a win last week, while We Never Punt is still trying to figure the solution to get a win. Seems like BB has the upper hand here because they beat Tone House, but WNP is a stronger competitor than their record indicates. WNP should really rethink their strategy/name. They follow the model “we never punt” but that has cost them 3 L’s. Perhaps punting at their own 5-yard line would create more of an interesting football game...or just go with what you know and stay aggressive.

Playmakers (1-1) vs #MajorKey#AnotherOne (3-0): #MK#AO has been on fire this season! They have a stacked squad who have already played 3 games, and nobody seems to know the answer on how to slow them down. Playmakers, on the other hand, had a rough start game 1 but came back with a vengeance in game 2. With PM’s inconsistent play, it seems like #MK#AO will take another W unless PM comes up with a different look to throw their opponents off.

Daring Deb’s List: I Dare You to Challenge Me…
FNL Power Ranking

1. #MajorKey #AnotherOne
2. Intentional Pounding FNL
3. Gotham Rogues
4. New Era
5. Marvelous After Dark
6. Playmakers
7. Brady Bunch
8. Tone House
9. We Never Punt