Michael 'Big Mike' Lynche - Commissioner & CEO

  Big Mike is a musician by trade and a football player by birth. The big man’s rise from obscurity was well documented through his riveting performances on the hit TV show, ‘American Idol’, in 2010. After wowing millions of fans with his incredible voice and finishing in 4th place on the show, he embarked on a tour of the country with his band ‘The Black Saints’, bringing sweet love-making music coast to coast. But he has never lost his passion for any and everything football. “I’ve actually done 2 fantasy drafts while performing front and center stage!” Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Fl, Big Mike has spent the last 10 years making Astoria, NY his home. “There isn’t a better neighborhood in the city.” Big Mike has been working on the BMFL for the last calendar year. Planning, scheming, going back to the drawing board and doing it all over again. “I wanted to get it just right before we launched, but there comes a time when you just have to trust your plan, trust you team, and trust your instincts.” The BMFL was created to give amateur athletes the most ‘Pro Experience’ possible. As a former Division-1 college athlete and lover of all things football, BM has been able to appreciate first hand all that goes into an amazing football experience. He wants ‘The Experience’ the go beyond the gridiron. “When you’re at work, I want you sneaking away to check out your highlights. When you’re on the subway, I want you checking your stats at least 5 times. I want players to root for other players and actually, truly care what’s going on in their league.” The BMFL is a player’s league. It belongs to each one of the incredible athletes on the field. Big Mike is just proud to be able to package it up for you with a bow and cherry on top.

Commissioner's note: “I live through each BMFL player’s experience day after day, week after week. I live inside your stats. I live inside your highlight plays. Hell, I even live inside your disappointing moments on the field. As it pertains to the league, nothing is more important to me than the players — nothing, period, point blank. This is special. And I hold it with the utmost respect to be your humble commissioner.”


Tyler McGuire - Chief Operating Officer & VP

Tyler M. McGuire, ESQ., has been involved in a salacious love affair for the last 16 years or so. He’s sacrificed for his lover. He’s hurt people for his lover (well, their feelings anyway). Tyler has at times forsaken all others for his lover. Who is this mystical, magic lady you might ask? She goes by the sweet name of…FOOTBALL! And oh, what a beauty she is! Why does he play? “The same reason I eat, breathe, or always take my iPhone to the bathroom with me…to check scores: If I didn't, I would die.” Tyler has been courting his beautiful lady since high school. “I played high school football briefly, but my team was terrible and I was 100% a part of the problem. As for co-ed leagues like the BMFL, 2016 will be my 8th year playing." During the week, Tyler moonlights as a lawyer helping new businesses get off the ground. I use the term “moonlight” very loosely, because he spends most of his time managing fantasy leagues and consuming every bit of football knowledge he can. “In the fall, I manage 6 fantasy football teams, even though I swore to myself I'd only play in 2 this season, because I'm a hopeless junkie who can't be trusted to make adult decisions. The rest of the year…I'm a lawyer.” The avid NY Giants fan spends a fair amount of time obsessing (and that’s putting it mildly) over his beloved G-Men. “Ironically, the Giants are also my least favorite NFL team. I'm constantly one Odell Beckham ACL tear away from a psychotic breakdown.” For Tyler, fall Sundays are the holiest of holy. “You get a whole day to play football, hang out, eat, drink, and watch the greatest game ever conceived by man for 12 straight hours. It's basically what I assume heaven is like…”  As the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of the BMFL, Tyler is tasked with refining the players day-to-day experience. “There's so much that contributes to that experience -- teammates, the refs, the way the league interacts with the players, but at the end of the day, I think it's really the community that develops to make a really good league. Even as a player, I find myself actively rooting for everyone else in the league to make great plays. The sense of pulling for one another and the excitement that comes from doing so that, to me, is the most important aspect of the players' experience.”  

Commissioner’s note: Nobody loves football more than Ty. Not Trent Dilfer, not Kirk Cousins, not even Tim ‘Football Jesus’ Tebow himself.


Brie Corona-Galo - Director of Team Recruiting & Women's Affairs

During the week, “B”, as we all affectionately call her, works as a special education teacher in the Great Neck School District. Entering her 20th year teaching, she hasn’t lost one ounce of passion for the kids. “I love what I do!” Hailing from Queens Village, NY, “B” has been playing football since the fall of 2009. “I simply started because I needed an outlet to get my mind off of the stress of daily life.” Although she had never even watched a football game prior to 2009, it was love at first hike! “I fell in love and haven't stopped playing since.” The fact that she gets to play with her hubby, Alan, doesn’t hurt either. ALAN SIXXXX!!! The family that plays together, stays together. “He’s my biggest supporter and fan!” For the past four years, she’s played in the annual NYC Blondes vs. Brunettes game to raise awareness for Alzheimer's Disease, and in the process, encountered an amazing new group of females that love the game in addition to some awesome guys who devote much of their time to coaching the ladies. Many of them have become lifelong friends and are now playing in the BMFL! Asked what she loves most about football, the newly minted NY Football Giants fan replied: “Football makes people happy. It's a team sport and every player can make a difference. We all have the capacity to improve.”

Commissioners note: “B” is without a doubt, one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s actually the one who got me into co-ed football when she wouldn’t let anyone “hurt the idol” during a pickup game I stumbled into years ago, lol. There’s no BMFL without “B”, literally, figuratively and everything else in between.



 Matt Leon - Director of Social Media

  Matt Leon is not your typical company executive. Of course, the BMFL isn’t your typical company, either. He’s young, smart, ambitious, and a football meathead -- just the type of executive the BMFL was looking for to head up our social media department. The Hillsborough, NJ, native has a background in brand management, digital media, and marketing. Growing up in team sports makes for a great working relationship around the BMFL office. “I’m a team player. I want to work on a team where there’s camaraderie, teamwork, sacrifice, dedication, and passion.” Matt is a guy who genuinely loves football. “I live breathe and eat football on a daily basis. Whether it’s high school, college (including my alma mater Salisbury University!), the pros, or playing fantasy, I’m always engaged.” Matt keeps you connected to the league through our various social media outlets. ‘Baby Gronk’, as I like to call him, is the newest member of the team but his core values represent the BMFL to a “T”. “The most important thing is the balance of being competitive and having fun…knowing you did your best and left it all out there, you can still walk away feeling accomplished, win or lose.” Matt Leon is proving to be an integral part of the BMFL team and our growth. If you have any personal or professional events you want to promote on BMFL social media, feel free to see Matt about that. "We want to know and support our members." The BMFL community can only grow with you!

Commissioner’s note: Matt is my kinda dude, through and through. I’m excited he’s apart of the team and you should be too!




The BMFL is thrilled to announce the official addition of our new Chief Medical Officer, Meg Eileen Treder, Doctor of Physical Therapy. With masters and doctorate degrees in physical therapy from Ithaca college, Meg specializes in sports orthopedics and functional movement. "I treat all parts of the body focusing on back injuries, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, runners knee & tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, and anything post operative." She's already treating current BMFL players, who will surely attest to Meg's incredible gift of healing, and she will be on the field each game day to advise you on the correct course of action for your bumps and bruises. Her office, Back In The Game Therapy, located at 425 Madison Avenue, is also an official BMFL sponsor and can be reached at 212.207.3908. But please, feel free to talk to Meg on the field about whatever ails you. Meg can answer any and all physical therapy and insurance questions, don't be shy. Oh, and...she's really good at football!

Commissioner's note: Basically, Meg will bring you back to life!